Create your own large mandala template

In the current era of change, uncertainty and turmoil, we are increasingly in need of ancient wisdom and meaningful symbols to try to restore a harmonious balance, both in our lives and in our environment. A good example of this is the mandala, which has appeared in history and Eastern religions as a symbol of interconnectivity and silent meditation.

The original mandalas were often contained in ancient symbols
and gods and were an important tool with which
persons or monks could focus their meditation, and
discover inner wisdom. The old,
mysterious and calming harmony of the mandala is one
symbol that has always touched our subconscious. It is
therefore not surprising that create and color your own
mandala one of the most relaxing and satisfying
things you can do, resulting in an extreme
personalized expression that both enchants and inspires.

Mandala is a symbol of interconnectivity and silent meditation.

Release your inner creativity

At Mandala Stencils they offer you the opportunity to do the design yourself
to get started with applying your own mandala, on a
your desired place. And it's super simple too. You
you can choose from 11 different mandala templates: large Holy mandala,
Yoga mandala stencil, small Tibet mandala and Doily mandala stencils,
Hamsa mandala, Mystery mandalaLotusbloem mandala stencil, Circle of Life mandala, Ibiza Vibe mandala, Holy Moly mandala and the Amsterdam mandala stencil.

The Mandala wall templates
are made of durable plastic. They are sturdy templates
you can apply where, when and how often you want, even
on angular or round spots. So on your wall inside or outside,
on the window, on a table, behind your bed, above the sofa, on the
floor, on the terrace in the garden or even on cushions, curtains
or your duvet...

Are you ready to unleash your inner creativity

For sale in the Netherlands:

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